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 How to use this website


This is a private website created to keep the Chun, Park, Rhee, Lee  and all those new family members joining the family in touch with each other.  In order to view this website, you must register, and wait for the webmaster to approve of your registration.  

1.  Registering - Please fill out the registration form and submit.  The fields are in Korean and English, and sometimes only in Korean.  

2.  Un-registering - When you need to unregister from this website, you can go back to the registering area and cancel your membership.

After you register and are accepted into the listserver, you will be able to view the various bulletin boards which are as follows:

1.  Home Page - This area shows  all the options available to you.  

2.  You can check for personal messages and send and receive e-mail.  When you log in, your log in ID will change colors when you put the cursor on it.  Click on the cursor and you will go into your mail box where you can check for new e-mail messages, write, or send messages to other members on the list.

3.  News - This area is designated for announcements or other website related information as well as personal and/or family news to be shared with everyone who joins the website.

4.  Stories - This area is to share family stories and other memories with each other.

5.  Freeboard - This is where anyone can be artistic, creative, funny or just themselves and express themselves to share with others.

6.  Photos - This area is for sharing wonderful photos of the family with each other.  

We are still developing this website and encourage you to make any input, changes, and recommendations.  

info (2003-09-24 17:24:31)   
Hi, Esther, good job! Thanks! :)

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